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We don’t work, we innovate and this  makes us pioneer in many aspects and products we bringing in region. Our aim is to produce quality and innovation under our brand.


We maybe new by existence but we are here to battle with the global giants – because we have confidence that the company has experienced, multi talented team who shares a common vision and a dream, with passion and full of entrepreneur skills.

What We Do

Not a just tech but tech with intelligence where the best industry experts are gathered with mood of all time experimenting to produce  best fun games, unforgettable entertainment, innovative technologies.

                                                      About Us

Ti Labs is an emerging startup based in Middle East and Asia where “T” terms for “Tech” and “I” innovates through our “Intelligence”. We are an IoT startup which spotlights on producing valuable entertainment through transformation of technology that will become an essential practice of everyone’s routine life. Our technology can bring real time solution for end users with memorable experiences.

   Our Work

Micko's Adventure

An adventurous journey through game around the world. Our first destination is United Kingdom. Athrilling voyage passing through English farms, beautiful landmarks and sightseeing landscapes.

Flying with a duck is not easy. Your goal is to help Micko in reaching to its final destination in each level.Jump and collect food packs to grow and boost energy. More you pick highest your score will be. Simply tap and keep flying. Each season has a new challenge. Keep moving and exploring your best tourist locations in next levels.

Join this adventure Voyage. Start playing with Micko!

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